Let’s get rid of 2 misunderstandings first:

  1. You are not under my control
  2. Hypnosis helps your subconscious mind to do new things – when practiced.
    One session is quite unlikely to help.

Based on the above some people think that hypnosis works but are scared of it. Hypnosis works very, very well – but only if you let it. Nobody can be hypnotized unless they want it to happen.

Well you say what about those people I’ve seen on stage who cluck like chickens and think things are real when they aren’t? Good question – and factual answer.

Those ‘cluckers’ don’t mind using their imagination and focusing deeply in front of others. They’ve already been told that they will be hypnotized by the stage hypnotist. And likely they think it would just be a neat experience. So they ‘agree’ to go to a deeper focus. They give their permission.

Now you may think the stage hypnotist is in control.
Only in the area to which the participant has agreed!
Trust me if he or she suggested something totally against the ‘cluckers’ desires his or her subconscious would rise up and come right back into the conscious state. I know. I’ve been in an audience and watched. I didn’t want to be hypnotized so not a twitch of my subconscious was felt. The people who liked to be humorous on stage all had a great time. Then they were told to stop and they came back to consciousness and sat down.

Most of us don’t want to ‘cluck’.

Some people who are less inhibited than others can move quickly to deep subconscious focus and they want to do so. Most of us require some guidance [and trust me it isn’t much. This is really done by you using the mind abilities you already have.]

So what are the abilities? Quite simply they are the abilities to relax yourself. Now right here I’m going to change a word I always use – even when I mean something else ‘relax’. What I actually mean is ‘slowing down your brain waves’. I do use the word ‘relax’ because ‘slowing down your brainwaves’ is quite a mouthful.

And if relaxation is what you want you definitely get it. But in cases of athletics and exams and study as you slow down your brainwaves you actually get deep focused alertness and your body working at tip top form. It’s why golfers do hypnosis. It’s why people with test anxiety use hypnosis. I’ve helped both and seen them produce great results in themselves.

When these brain waves relax you are capable of ever deeper concentration. As you concentrate you can, through visualization and other hypnosis processes, change the way your brain functions. Old neurons and patterns can be retired and new ones used. Even damaged areas can be reduced in size or new areas developed instead of them. This is called neuroplasticity. Slowing your brain waves and concentrating is hypnosis. 

Let’s cut to the Chase. What are these slow brainwaves?

Well here they are.

I think some people are let down when they find that these levels, which I call altered states, are owned by all of us. For that reason when I help you get to them I sometimes suggest you do things like taste a lemon just so you’ll know you aren’t in BETA.

So many people tell me they hear everything I say – and I sure want you to. This isn’t surgery anesthetic. You aren’t ‘under’. You are ‘into’. The more ‘into’ you allow yourself to develop the more effective the work you do for change is.

And since you are always in control you can return to BETA whenever you want. It’s certainly the place I bring you back to at the end of a session – with all kinds of good new things in your subconscious.

Now a final word about Neuroplasticity.

Deliberately working with these levels helps fire the brain in different areas. It has been found that something as simple as thought sparks new patterns in the brain, brings other
areas into use and when thought is repeated it strengthens this. For that reason practicing between hypnosis sessions is a very good thing. And I give you especially written hypnosis and subliminal recordings to do just that.

Well that’s it. How you experience hypnosis. For a lot more information about the processes and levels and research I have written an ebook which I give to my clients.

I encourage you to take this step and make a permanent change for yourself – even making a good thing better. [This writing can also be found on the home page of my site.]