I know about stopping emotional eating.
I was an emotional eater. I was addicted to eating
for years.
I no longer am.

Note I don’t use the pop word ‘recovering’ in referring to addiction. That’s because ‘recovering’ implies your subconscious habit could still get hold of you. I don’t believe in ‘recovering’. I believe in ‘stopping’ with no fallbacks or possibilities of them.

Well, I hear you saying, what of all the psychologists and psychiatrists etc., who claim addiction is a disease.
I don’t agree.

I agree with Canadian neuroscientist and professor Marc Lewis Ph.D. that addiction is NOT a disease.
 It is a deeply held choice, a habit, by your subconscious mind.
And Dr. Lewis was a drug addict!

And since consciousness/mind/subconscious can’t be found in our physical brains no amount of physical medication, self discipline or other physically based aids will work against this subconscious choice.

 It is stronger than the part of the mind which deals with our daily life.


And that same strength will be used
to eliminate the habit and form a new positive one.

The only portion of you, physically, which might react to food is the part you’ve conditioned with things like sugar. I know when, every now and then, I decide to stop drinking coffee it takes about 3 days for me to feel physically well as the caffeine leaves my body. It is the same with the substances you’ve chosen to overeat.


But that isn’t emotional eating is it? It’s not the body build up of sugars etc. It’s the absolute ‘need’ to eat for any emotional reason!
And you can stop!

The answer is finding this subconscious choice and neutralizing it. You neutralize it by entering the subconscious mind, finding the events and triggers which planted and continue to plant the subconscious choice and keep firing that choice at you.


That’s what hypnotherapy does - and a well trained hypnotherapist can do.


Results can come surprisingly quickly. I never go past 6 sessions and often you’ve worked so intensely you are finished in 5.
It is intense courageous work. It requires reading, hypnotherapy and coaching.

I base much of this work upon the writings of John Sarno M.D.

His revolutionary breakthrough book about how the 'mind' actually does affect your body and emotions
is a strongly recommended read.


There will be a war – expect it.

Your subconscious is afraid of change and will fight to keep the old ways.


But when you know what is really going on,
use the tools given
and deal with your emotions and actions
in daily life
your subconscious gets it!

I take only a limited number of clients. That’s because this work is very intense for both of us.

It is solutions driven hypnotherapy and as such much different from the ‘lie back and relax’ kind.



For that reason I always have a consultation with you first for both of us to see if you are ready for this work.


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