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Are you like so many of us – having little time to spare? You’d like to involve yourself in meditation and hypnosis listening guidance but carving out the time in your day to be alone and uninterrupted is darned hard.

I made these HypnoZaps for my clients who were experiencing these problems. The Zaps are loaded with suggestions to help change your particular issue. They may seem like stories or descriptions. That’s because I am using Ericksonian techniques in them.

Now can you find 15 minutes [max] in your car or at your desk to listen to the mp3s and tone down the problems around you?

I’ll bet you can.

These mp3s are a complement to the work I do with my clients – especially when my clients need to do some regular listening during busy times.

Use them a frequently. [Once is not enough.

You need repetition for your subconscious mind to ‘get it’.]

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Please note that the mp3s will be  sent to you as attachments and may take a little while.