What if the mind and brain aren’t the same thing? It’s beginning to look like it. After all not one neuroscientist has found the brain to produce the mind. Some even don’t believe in mind/consciousness at all. But we all have minds, don’t we? We think.

What if the mind and brain work together – the mind being the boss storing your imagination, subconscious, emotions, habits, beliefs and everything that has ever happened to you since birth?

What if the brain is an extremely sophisticated receiver and sender. It can pick up the thoughts of your mind but it isn’t the computer that so many liken it to? And your brain’s language is the physical?

For the most part the mind ‘trusts’ the brain to look after the physical you. But it can also help the brain. Norman Doidge [The Brain that Changes itself] has shown that by concentration – a mind function – new parts of the brain can take the place of damaged parts and the affects of strokes etc. can be overcome. This is called neuroplasticity.

And let’s not forget the mind telling the brain to be without pain as in hypnobirthing, the surgery done in Europe and those who have learned self hypnosis. For an example click here.

What if your mind shares communication with your brain that is sad, angry or in some way negative and your brain translates that language into the physical? In some way that hurts, doesn’t it?

That’s the understanding of the ‘from the mind – through the brain – to the body’ concept. People call this concept Mind/Body. It calls for mental attention – not physical.

And what if you learn that you can change your mind? Have no need to hold the effects of the negative things stored there? And what if there is an existing way to do just this? Teaching your mind what you want.

There is. Hypnotherapy.

What if the scientists are right and we are all energy? After all we talk about brain waves. Maybe we should call them ‘mind waves’. They can be picked up by equipment like biofeedback machines. They also can be deliberately slowed for strong concentration and focus. That’s what hypnosis, your own self hypnosis, does. You do this many times a day when you concentrate and focus. Self hypnosis lets you enter your own mind and ‘tinker’.

Dr. John Sarno discovered the use of the mind/body concept in the 1980’s. He wrote several books about it because he was amazed – amazed – that without drugs or surgery [and he was a back surgeon] his patients were relieving themselves of pain – by changing their minds. He actually made a list of physical situations he considered the mind to be influencing

What if you  want to work at changing your mind for 4 to 8 weeks –  with the result of giving up your mental connection to physical discomfort? Even train your mind for pain elimination? What if it were possible to  become drug free [with the help of your medical doctor of course]? When your issue is a mind/body one you can certainly do this!

And what if there exists a hypnosis program to help you do just this. There is.

Innisfree’s Mind to Body Hypnotherapy.

It’s something I’ve developed through my skills as  a teacher [ret’d] and hypnotherapist.

Changing your mind works! Since your mind is with you 24/7  it takes a strong persistent commitment from you – looking at yourself, finding the triggers in your mind and working on changes. It takes challenging beliefs and ways of doing things. It takes managing emotions. When this is done I’ve seen Fibro disappear, IBS disappear and chronic pain going….going…..gone….. Think about that. Using your mind to change your mind.And here is how you do it.

Changing your mind uses hypnotherapy to help you find those triggers and ‘clean up’ your mind. And you teach your mind what you want. The more your mind ‘learns’ the better. You become informed about how hypnosis works, catch your unconscious, subconscious habits, and learn new ways of responding to life. That takes time – at least 4 weeks and usually 6.

What if you don’t have to ‘just live with it’ for the rest of your life? Are you ready to be free of a mind/body issue? John Pepper, who thought himself out of Parkinson’s by strongly concentrating on his walking through the use of his mind said – Believe the diagnosis, don’t believe the prognosis. [The Brain that Changes Itself]. Pepper used his mind to focus totally – self hypnosis. What if you can do something similar by working with your own mind?

I always begin with a consultation first. As well I ask you to look at some of the medical drugs you may be taking. They serve a very good purpose but some actually interfere with your ability to work with your mind. I recommend you wait until you no longer need these drugs before using Mind to Body hypnotherapy.

Have a look at the Mind tools section of this site. It will tell you more.

Please contact me for a consultation when you’re ready to embark on this wonderful journey of discovery about what your mind can do for you – and prepare yourself for change. I’d love to discuss it further.

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