This is not ‘woo woo’.
The more you understand how hypnosis/hypnotherapy works the better you do. There are solid
scientific facts about our brain wave speed [not that of a ‘speeding’ car]. When we slow the ‘speed’ we are able to enter into our own subconscious minds. This is hypnosis. What we do when we are there is hypnotherapy. I provide full explanations of the things we will do in hypnotherapy beforehand and get your permission to use them. [See the book on the site for in depth explanations].

When you sleep you have slowed your brainwaves. You can do this deliberately. This is used in daydreaming, intense focus and meditation. Hypnosis is NOT done to you. It is done With you.

You are never ‘under’ as with an anesthetic.
You are ‘in’ and you remember everything when you return to local consciousness. I want you to.