As I’ve done the work of hypnotherapy for many years

I’ve found 7 truths for my clients’ success.

Their success can be your success.

Read further.


Feir Johnson B.A., DCH

Dr. of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Truth #1

Hypnotherapy is NOT magic.

There is much false information and misunderstanding about hypnosis.

It seems many have opinions without facts

Everybody has the ability to go into self hypnosis.

We do it all the time.

It is simply slowing your brain waves down to a place where you can focus and imagine deeply.

That makes things seems 'real'.

Your mind acts on 'real'.

You do this when you concentrate deeply, drive, become involved in  a great show and sleep.

The more you know the facts of this the better the success with Innisfree.

Truth #2

Hypnotherapy is done With you not TO you.

Your committed, ongoing drive is absolutely essential!

As well if your life is very chaotic at present it is better to wait until you can organize it a bit.

This means that you have set yourself up to support your hypnosis work as you lead your life between sessions.

You have lots of faulty beliefs, learnings and harmful habits to neutralize

in order to let positive beliefs, learnings and habits grow.

You must take yourself on about your coping with, and reacting to, regular life

in order to support the benefits of the hypnosis work you do in the sessions.

Those faulty beliefs, learnings and harmful habits will give a fight but definitely can be dissolved.


Truth #3

Medication which alters your mind– i.e. depression, anxiety etc. deliberately interferes with your subconscious.

It’s meant to.

It helps.

Unfortunately it also keeps you from doing well

when you use hypnosis because it interferes with your concentration.

You may not know if your medication is doing this.

Learn more here.

Truth #4

Experiencing hypnosis for the first time is not being ‘under’.

You are a partner in this process.

I am working with your whole mind – conscious and subconscious.

You are aware of what is happening in the room even while you are deeply focused on the ‘reality’ of your imagination.

The techniques I use are very carefully chosen for your level of hypnosis.

As you work in hypnosis you will become more and more aware of what level you are at and what you can do at that level.

You will not be unconscious as in an operation.

Truth #5

As a partner you inform yourself and practice.

The more you know about hypnosis and hypnotherapy the better you work with it.

Indeed you can state facts to others [some in authority] who may be giving you information due to opinion not facts.

It is important to stand firm about what you are doing.

You take responsibility for making daily life changes based on the info you’ve learned in the sessions.

I very seldom go over 6 sessions.

We should expect to be seeing positive changes after 3.

Truth #6

When I work with you you have my full attention.

This means we email every day between sessions.

Your subconscious needs all the support it can get to establish positive changes.

I join you in this battle shoulder to shoulder.

I draw your attention to times your subconscious fights back when it tries to use old habits and learnings.

I  celebrate positive changes with you.

This I call HypnoCoaching.

Learn more about HypnoCoaching.

So these are the checklist questions for success.

As you can see I do hypnotherapy/hypnosis differently from most other hypnotherapists.

This means I  restrict the amount of clients I see  - but I do have a waiting list.

I want to give you my full time and my full attention during and between sessions.

I always begin with a consultation.

Truth # 7

The training and background of the hypnotherapist.

There’s a great amount of learning required for a hypnotherapist to be successful.

My truth is that 6 weekends are  a good beginning but many more hours and much more study is required to deal with all the 'nonmedical' complexities of clients.

This is why I became a Dr. of Clinical Hypnotherapy when I found my initial training was not enough to allow me to help my clients to my full extent.

A strong academic background is also a supportive asset.

I do a lot of research reading and writing for you - for within my sessions and between them.

That reading between sessions strengthens your subconscious change and helps you know yourself even better.