Your consultation is $40 for 60 minutes



The consult is all about your issue and how hypnotherapy can help.


Bring your intake form and disclaimer with you.
I will have sent them by email upon your contact.
We will be discussing them.


This is Solutions Based hypnotherapy.
We cut to the chase.
It is an intense 4 to 6 sessions to make your change.
This means your change is a 150% priority
while we work together - yours and mine.

                                                              If you're planning a vacation or if there'll be an interruption
                                                             during the time of our sessions it's best to wait
                                                              until you have the time to give to this work

                                                             You will not be experiencing hypnosis during the consult.
                                                              I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have
                                                              from reading the information on the site.
                                                              The information exists to inform you about hypnosis.
                                                              The more you know the better your success.


  $40 for 1 hour consult

  $80 1st hypnotherapy session

  $120 all other hypnotherapy sessions

 etransfer [before session] or cash
I give a receipt with each session.
If you are a business, and this involves your work,
it can be claimed.

                                                            Hypnotherapy that is not done by a medical person
                                                             is not covered by OHIP.