a subconscious trait

                                                 Stopping IBS in 6 weeks

Yes it can be done. No special diet. No meds. Just a different way of thinking.

If you are reading these words you are conscious. And if you are reading these words you may have what the medical doctors have termed Irritable Bowel Syndrome [and even colitis]. You likely have read up on all the symptoms and know them graphically! Certainly you have curtailed your life due to feeling out of control of your symptoms. And they can be embarrassing.

The first time I helped a client lose this suffering with hypnosis I, fortunately, had read the writings of John Sarno M.D. I too at first adhered to the medical explanation of the physical reasons for IBS. I found, as I delved into this syndrome, a couple of things: There really is no medical reason for why this syndrome exists. It can be well described. Many, many, meds and eating rules are given to manage it – and often fail. And it is a syndrome.

Syndromes are called this to name a group of symptoms. Doctors don’t know how a syndrome starts. Nor so they know what ends it. Think of the many things called syndromes out there in the world; things we are told ‘we just have to live with’.

Well then, as said before I read John Sarno M.D’s books. A noted and highly credentialed back doctor, he found that while many of his patients had real physical problems they didn’t need to feel the pain.

What did he find?

He discovered that the pain stayed put because the mind was making it stay put. Why was the mind doing this?

He found that his patients -

1.Were enduring events, situations, relationships, etc. with which they felt they couldn’t cope. Whenever an emotion associated with these events, situations, relationships etc. appeared the mind would send pain or discomfort to the body as a distraction. And he also found that the more attention paid to that discomfort the stronger it got.

And 2. Some of his patients received a secondary gain by having the discomfort – disability payments, control of a tough relationship etc.

Sarno did a simple thing. He told his patients what he had found. Sometimes that was all that was needed. The patient looked at his or her life and took action to react differently emotionally and even make life changes. Voilá no discomfort. He speculated - and further medical doctors applied this finding to fibromyalgia, IBS, chronic pain, anxiety ….[it’s a long list]. The results were profound. Still some patients needed more help with their inner investigations and changes.

Here’s where I saw hypnosis as invaluable.

The subconscious can quickly find the source of the problem. It’s stored there. This is called regression. And often the source isn’t consciously known – it can seem trivial or be a forgotten happening. So hypnosis [a trait we all have] tracks back to the cause. It can do even more. It can disconnect pain and discomfort. It can provide motivation and stress relief. It can make things facts not feelings. A big help for this ‘mind to body’ work. This is true ‘mind to body’ – finding what the mind is doing to the body and  …well… changing your mind.

Then I found that hypnosis could help the person get rid of patterns for doing things. Sure once we know this info we want to help ourselves by changing but old habits of life die hard. So having the hypnotist as a coach to bring the patterns to the attention of the person between sessions is invaluable. I call this HypnoCoaching.

Well you can see that for these 6 weeks
an IBS client works both in and out
of hypnosis sessions.

There’s homework – reading to find out about the self, doing hypnosis listening, working with EFT, examining emotions, stopping dramatization [which reinforces discomfort and puts attention on the discomfort rather than the reason the discomfort has appeared]. There are life changes.
There’s staying in touch with me as I bring things to your attention.
Could be tears and some anger as you do this.


But keep in mind – 6 weeks. How long have you had IBS? How many things have you done for it? How much money have you spent on it? 6 weeks doesn’t seem too long to me.


So I put together the research, the reading, the coaching and amazingly I watched my first client become symptom free. I can’t say healed since I’m not a medical doctor and that would get me in trouble. So I say the symptoms stopped. I wondered, of course, if this was a one shot deal. Not. The same thing happened again and again.


Always the client was successful if he or she had the courage to change the self and any life events that should be changed.

That client looked at discomfort as a signal to look at emotions – not the discomfort. Even more courage was given to freeing up from medical explanations and, where possible, drugs and external techniques. [Remember this is only for 6 weeks so drugs and techniques can be returned to  at the end of the time of thinking differently – if you want.]

Now it would be nice to have allopathic doctors on board about stopping your symptoms. [Allopathic is the formal name for medical doctors.] For the most part allopathic doctors in Canada haven’t read the books of one of their own kind - Sarno. And for the most part allopathic doctors know nothing about hypnosis, yet still feel they can give their opinions  on it as fact. Sad when in the United Kingdom and the United States hypnosis is being used by doctors, in hospitals and for surgery.

True the training for hypnosis varies greatly. Intensive hypnosis training weekend workshops don't help the understanding of mind to body process in hypnotherapy. In England hypnosis/hypnotherapy is actually studied at university. So perhaps allopathic doctors have heard stories of ineffective hypnosis due to insufficient training. Maybe they are still caught up in Hollywood explanations? Beats me.

One thing though you should be aware of is the power of both the placebo effect
and the nocebo effect.


You’ve likely heard about the placebo effect. A person believes something will work and it does [actually that is hypnosis – your subconscious believing]. Nocebo is when a person believes something won’t work [usually told so by an authority figure] and it doesn’t [your subconscious believing].


As Ford said ‘whether you believe you can or believe you can’t you’re right.

Both the above are suggestions you can put into your subconscious and the subconscious acts on them. Hypnosis.

So to end a long piece of writing
- using your own mind to help yourself works.

You can stop your IBS symptoms
and never get them back.

I'm not alone in discovering how hypnotherapy can do this. I've simply put together the program I call the Innisfree Hypnotherapy Process - to stop the symptoms of IBS. For medical proof please click here.

And the nice thing is that this inner help comes completely from yourself
– not drugs, not diet and not me.

You work with your own mind to make your change.

Now that’s power!