It takes one to know one!
The more longevity and experiences a hypnotherapist has the more he or she can support the change of, and relate to, your challenges.

Our generation began with questioning the ‘status quo’, questioning ‘why not’ and making changes – in our lives, work and world. We didn’t accept the same old same old. Still don’t!
And here we are in our present decade once more questioning the status quo. As of 2020 racism again rears its head [why didn’t our first protests and deaths make the changes in the 60’s and 70’s?]

Now we can add a new and very personal ‘ism’ to the list – ageism. The Coronavirus certainly taught us about the lack of value for the human lives of the older people.

We boomers are speaking out about this. [Note I like the term ‘older people’ if we must be categorized.
‘Seniors’ seem to lumped together an a stereotypical vision.]

At any rate fellow boomers Camilla Cavendish wrote the great book for us called – Extra Time. In it she describes what she calls the ‘new older’. That’s us.

Many boomers choose to work while older because they like it. I do. Many, although grandparents etc., choose to represent themselves as more than that. I do. We aren’t ‘going gently into that good night’.
As we have moved along our many ways we may have picked up issues that we’d like to ‘put down’. Hypnotherapy, a non-medical intervention, is an excellent way to take control of our own subconscious minds and make changes.

Boomers like information so I draw your attention to the free ebook on this page. Also on the page are issues that hypnotherapy can help – even the ones you have been told ‘you just have to live with’. And those are only some of the many.
Are you ready to challenge your ‘status quo’? Well Why Not?!
It really is ‘okay’ boomer!