Feir Johnson

Feir Johnson B.A., ARCT, DCH                                          [Dr. of Clinical Hypnotherapy]

I’ve always had interest and drive. It was in my work as a musician and my work  as a teacher. Now it fuels my work as a hypnotherapist..

Over the years, as we all do, I picked up credentials but I also picked up life experiences. It is the life experiences that connect a hypnotherapist with her client.

This is a time when my life experience helps me understand and help you with your life experience – wherever you are at.  It certainly is effective in HypnoCoaching.


During my teaching career I had the opportunity to spend 4 years out of the classroom specializing in learning and thinking. Little did I know that this would begin my fascination with consciousness. What an enormous thing consciousness is and how powerful for learning and making changes.

When I had the opportunity to retire early [Yes it can happen if one begins work at 19.] it was consciousness that interested me and I found its partner in hypnosis. So here I am now with a practice helping people help themselves through the use of their own minds.

Of course as I’ve worked with consciousness I’ve found my own consciousness expanded. There are so many areas where hypnosis can be used. I particularly like seeing mind to body syndromes stopped [IBS and Fibro, chronic pain without explanation] but I also like touching on the ‘unknowables’ such as past life hypnosis and energy work hypnosis.
As I’ve journeyed through life I have gained a profound respect for experiential proof. As we all say – if we experience something that happens to us we can’t deny it. It’s like that with the ‘unknowables’.

And yet I walk the line. The academic part of me follows the well researched path of Clinical Hypnosis.  [Thank you to the many doctors who have written great books about this.]

 Salient Information

Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy – Breyer State University, Alabama, USA.

33 years, teacher, B.A., masters equivalent, Principal’s certification

practicing clinical hypnotherapy since 2003