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Covid 19 got you down? Stressed? It is the hypnotherapy belief that once 'something' has triggered those emotions
they've done their job. Got your attention about the 'something'.
We don't need to keep replaying the emotions. We can choose how much we want or need to keep these emotions.
By working with self-hypnosis and our own subconscious minds we can reduce and even stop the replay of ineffective emotions - like stress.  More info? Click the download box.









Ready for profound, life altering change?   What’s stopping you?  Not sure? Your Subconscious / higher mind knows!   Feir Johnson’s proven methods helped me discover who I really am. With the Hypnotherapy treatments, and EFT I experienced through Feir, I reached down into my very core, my Soul.   Discovering my blocks, I was taught ways to train my brain to develop and keep healthy patterns. I released past ones that were no serving me in life. 

 Feir has not only a high level of expertise, she has integrity and provides a welcoming and safe atmosphere in which to improve upon yourself.  Trust is imperative especially if you are looking into releasing trauma.  I can truly say this has been absolutely phenomenal work!  I have had past experience with hypnotherapy; however it was only scratching the surface.  I cannot express the gratitude I have, as this was an empowering journey. T.M.M.


You now have a wonderful reputation!! I am going to meet Patch Adams this month! Maybe work at Gesundheit! Feel free to write anytime and thank you for all….. your help!!All my best, love C. B.


I’m doing VERY well… on all fronts! … I’m really happy! I have also  managed to quell my frustration with … to a new level, which is amazing. Thank you!! S.S.

Feir, I thank you for all of your help … I intend to use the techniques that you have taught me and listen to the tapes.  I plan to embrace my new life at my new school that starts next week … and welcome the many new changes and challenges that are coming.  Good luck to you too, You are an Angel. T.

IBS Success!

It’s amazing! After all these years of being told ‘I just have to live with it.’ I don’t. My IBS started in my childhood – of course it wasn’t called IBS then.

The attacks were excruciating and sometimes embarrassing. They limited my life. I was put on special diets, medications and surgery was even suggested. And this carried on until a year and a half ago.

That’s when I worked with Feir Johnson at Innisfree Hypnosis who said  ‘let’s look at this syndrome another way’ – and I did. She brought to my attention that when I was going through a stressful period my IBS symptoms occurred and when I was out of that stressful period they didn’t exist.

We looked at the stress going on in my life when the symptoms began and we let them go by working with the subconscious in a hypnotic state. And I began to make changes in my regular life to bring myself more peace and happiness. Right away began experiencing less and less of the IBS symptoms. Now I am IBS free. And this all happened in about 5 sessions. J.B.

I am so glad I found the courage to try hypnotherapy for my
I.B.S. symptoms.  My sessions with Feir Johnson have been a remarkable experience.  I’m now able to enjoy my life again without the pain and anxiety of debilitating attacks.  Food and travel are once again a pleasurable experience for me.  All this was accomplished with the help of Feir at Innisfree Hypnosis, whose understanding and knowledge, along with a professional approach to her treatment methods, allowed me to resolve my digestive issues.  I would highly recommend this non-medical form of treatment. Thank you again for everything! L.S.

I have been having upper back pain for quite a few months.  I tried everything I could to settle the pain with no success.  Within 2 sessions of Past Life Cellular Memory Clearing work, I become symptom free.  Thank you Feir.  W

Feir Johnson and her Innisfree Hypnosis Method gave me the tools to regain control of my emotions and negative thought patterns.  It is no less than life changing in the very best possible way.  I would very strongly recommend this process to anyone wishing to achieve health, peace and productivity in their life or looking to improve in any way.  It really, really works.Thanks again Feir for everything…; more people should be able to benefit from your work.  Everybody deserves to feel this good.    Sincerely, Jenn