Do you want to stop the symptoms of IBS?

Do you want to stop the symptoms of Fibromyalgia?

Do you want to stop the symptoms of chronic, unexplained, pain

Mind to Body Hypnotherapy is for issues in your body – put there by your mind, especially the issues listed above.  That's what doctors like John Sarno M.D. [The Divided Mind] are saying.

What if the mind and brain work together – the mind being the boss storing your imagination, subconscious, emotions, habits, beliefs and everything that has ever happened to you since birth?

What if the brain is an extremely sophisticated receiver and sender. It can pick up the thoughts of your mind but it isn’t the computer that so many liken it to? And your brain’s language is the physical?

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Tools you get, and I use, during and between sessions

Our discussion about 'you', your challenges and successes.

Emotional Freedom Techniques - to own and take charge of your reactions.

Many different processes will be used

Listening between sessions is a powerful instrument for change

Weekly reading to help you explore yourself and change

Detailed information about hypnosis & hypnotherapy and the way it is done at Innisfree.






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Hypnosurgery 1hr 41 mins

These things work!

See the videos

Amazing things Dr. Norman Doidge has found in his research

for The Brain's Way of Healing

  • Reversing Parkinsons through walking
  • Using a small piece of equipment to stop MS symptoms
  • Using special listening processes to heal autism [centre is in Toronto]
  • Light Therapy for brain injury [centre is in Toronto]

The Hampton Court Ghost - as yet unexplained